Reynolds’ ROAR, April 2014

I hope everyone had a fantastic Spring Break. As we enter the home stretch for the school year, the school and PTA are busy with planning for next year while making sure that the final two months are productive. It is the budget season as well as the testing season. Please keep an eye on the testing schedule and ensure that your student is well fed and rested, and on time, the day of their testing. The PTA budget has progressed nicely – big thanks to Taeya Lauer and her team. The PTA budget for 2014-2015 will be presented to the Board on May 7th and to the General Assembly for review and approval on May 15th.

We will be having a special guest at the April General Assembly meeting (April 24th) – Dr. Robert Gary, the principal at Madison Middle School, will speak to us about Madison and the transition soon to be made by our fifth graders. The PTA will also discuss the upcoming Spring Fling and Art Fair – this year a combined event – taking place on Friday, May 16th.

Another annual event as we approach the end of the year is for me to collect nominations for the Golden Acorn Award – the acknowledgement of a volunteer that has gone above and beyond in helping the school, students and PTA. Please send me your nominations – email or place it in my mail slot in the “command center”. This year’s winner will be announced at the “Volunteer Thank You Tea” on June 10th.

Lastly – the week of May 5th is Teacher Appreciation week. Please take this time to thank all of the wonderful staff members at the school for their significant efforts throughout the year to benefit our children. Please keep in mind that this extends beyond the student’s room teacher – there are many others in the school that influence and impact the daily routine.

Enjoy the spring season and the final two months of the school year!

Sean Reynolds
PTA President

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The State of the School, April 2014

Dear Lafayette Families,

Happy Spring!  Hopefully all of you were able to enjoy the wonderful weather we had during the break and were able to relax and rejuvenate.  It is hard to believe there is only two months left of school this year!

As you know as soon as we return from break we will be in full test mode.  From April 21 – June 6 we will be conducting MSP and MAP assessments.  We are going fully online testing for MSP this year so scheduling for the lab was tricky.  A schedule was sent out to all families and it is also available on both the school and PTA website.  PLEASE NOTE:  It is very important for your child to be present on the day of their scheduled assessment as we have very limited time to do make-up tests.  Students should come to school rested and have had a good breakfast so they are in the best mindset for the test.  Third, Fourth and Fifth grade classes will have  had opportunities to practice using the online format but if you want additional practice there is a link on the school website or at OSPI.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Spring also brings joyful events that allow us to come together as a school community and have fun.  The first event is the school play.  The students have been putting in a lot of time and effort to make this year’s production more exciting than ever.  The play with be held at Chief Sealth High School on May 1 and 2.  This is a wonderful event for the whole family.  In addition we will be combining the Art fair and Spring Fling into one fabulous event.  This is a favorite event of the year and the students really look forward to it.  Mark your calendars for May 16th from 5-8 p.m.

If you have an incoming Kindergartner, or know someone who does, please note that we will be holding Jumpstart Lafayette again this year.  This is a program for incoming students to become familiar with the school and the teachers as well as to get some assessments so we can better place the students for the following year.  This was a huge success last year and we are looking forward to holding it again.  Information will be sent out to those families soon – Mark the week of August 18-22 if you plan on attending.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to call or come by.  Please know our doors, and the doors to your child’s classrooms, are always open and that together we can ensure your child’s experience at school is successful.


Robert Gallagher's Signature
Robert Gallagher
Karmen Nordhougen's Signature
Karmen Nordhougen
Assistant Principal
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Seattle Opera Assembly Will Give Kids a Chance to Sing with the Pros

The final “PTA Arts Assembly” for this school year will be on June 3. The Seattle Opera’s “Opera Goes to School” program will perform a 40-minute opera about the issues of conservation and endangered species, brought to life by professional singers in a fully-staged performance featuring vivid scenery and beautiful costumes with piano accompaniment. A question-and-answer session with the performers will follow.

And here’s an amazing opportunity for students who like to sing: as part of “Opera Goes to School,” Lafayette 3rd through 5th grade students can perform with the professional singers at the assembly on June 3! A Seattle Opera choral teaching artist is coming to Lafayette to teach and rehearse interested students for ensemble numbers in the short opera. Students who want to sing will come to three rehearsals on Tuesday mornings May 13, 20, 27th from 8:25–9:25 a.m., and then perform together at the assembly under professional direction. There is no fee for participation. Rehearals will be in Ms. Scranton’s art room.

For questions, information, or to sign up please contact PTA Arts Assemblies Coordinator Laurie Utterback by May 7.

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March PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting:  Lafayette PTA General Meeting
Date/Time: March 20, 2014, 6:30pm
Location: Lafayette Elementary Cafeteria
Proper notice was given to all members
Call to Order:
Katy Walum, PTA Vice President, called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.
A quorum was present.  The attendance sheet is attached.
Secretary’s Report:
Motion: Angela Corvino made a motion to accept the March meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded.  The motion was approved.
Budget Report:
Taeya Lauer reported that the PTA has paid out $130,000 in human resources/salaries for this year.

The school is now paying for the Reading Specialist.  And, the school knows the PTA wants to get out of paying salaries.

Taeya outlined the difference between the counselor and psychologist.  The former does more with behavior issues and latter assesses needs/issues of kids.

Instrumental music was discussed.  There were 128 respondents to the budget survey with full responses from the staff/teachers.  Should PTA fund all, part, none of the music program?

Kathy Wimer asked if there are any innovative ways to combine with other elementary schools.  Issues might be transportation, costs to parents?

Someone else asked why focus on arts and music?  What about science and technology?
Fundraising Report: (via Taeya Lauer)
At last year’s auction, we cleared with $22,000 and had 190 attendees.  This year (2014), we cleared with $40,000 and had 221 attendees.

Someone asked if we could invite grandparents next year.  And, friends of grandparents?

Spring Fling is May 16, 2014.
Treasurer Report:
Angela Corvino distributed the Treasurer’s Report.  Big items are $71,000 from walk a thon; $50,000 from the Auction.

Nominating Committee Report:
We are looking for 3 key positions:  VP, Treasurer, Co-Secretary and need by the May meeting.  Annie Higgins asked for more nominations.  An email went out to Room Parents asking for suggestions, recommendations.  Please see Annie Higgins, Chris Weinmann , or Sarah Volpone with any names.

Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm.  Our next General PTA meeting will be on May 15, 2014.  Katy Walum introduced our Seminar called “A Parent Workshop on Child Safety,” hosted by Child Safety Expert Kim Estes.

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“Teacher Appreciation Week” Starts May 5th


Being a teacher in these times of recession and budget cuts comes with a low to moderate paycheck and around the clock hours. As another “Teacher Appreciation Week” approaches, now is the perfect time to personally thank your students’ teachers for their sacrifices and support for your children throughout the year. While appreciation alone will not reduce the challenges that Lafayette teachers and staff face, it will let them know that their efforts are not going unnoticed.

Here are some of the ways you can honor Lafayette’s teachers and staff:

  • Write letters and cards of appreciation to your students’ teachers throughout the week and ask how you can support them throughout the year.
  • Coordinate with your room parents for classroom gifts or surprises.
  • Volunteer for the staff breakfast or luncheon. Sign-ups coming soon.
  • Nominate your students’ teacher for an award!
  • Show your support by volunteering in your students’ classroom.
  • Don’t forget about the administrators and the other teachers in the building (Music, PE, Computer, etc). Hint: The administrators like “Bear-Claws”.
  • Brag about your teacher on Facebook or Twitter.
  • For more teacher appreciation ideas, see Pinterest.

To sign up for the festivities contact Rachel Hagenson and Diana Palmer.


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Enrichment Programs Update

Good luck to the Lafayette Chess players competing this weekend in the State Tournament!  Reminder:  Chess does NOT continue after Spring Break!  Keep practicing to keep your game sharp for next fall.

Congratulations to the App Academy 3 students who participated in the first annual “Hacker Cup”.  These students have created their own video games through the Seattle App Academy classes offered by Kevin Brown after school with the Enrichment Programs.  Major kudos!  See the article in the West Seattle Herald about the “Hacker Cup”.

Safety Reminders:

- Please remember that families are not allowed to drive into the staff parking lot to drop off or pick up students for Enrichment Programs.  This is to keep both teachers and students safe!

- All students must be supervised by an adult if they are in the school after school hours.  It’s come to my attention that there are siblings who are not enrolled in an Enrichment Program, but are waiting in hallways, the front lobby, etc., for their sibling to finish their Enrichment Program.  The office has informed me that this is not allowed, even regarding older siblings who are not enrolled at Lafayette.  Please make other arrangements so that children are not left unattended.  If this poses a problem, please contact Rachel Hagenson to discuss alternate options.

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Free Breakfast and Lunch for Students


Your family might qualify for FREE all day kindergarten, FREE meals, FREE health insurance and more. Apply for Seattle Public School’s “Free and Reduced Price Lunch” if:

  • Your household income is SAME or LESS than the amount on the Income Chart (see below).
  • You receive Basic Food.
  • You take part in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • You receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • You are applying for a Foster Child

If your family qualifies for Seattle Public School’s meal program you may also be eligible for additional services that are free or are at a discounted price. These additional services include:

  • Advanced Placement Tests
  • College Bound Scholarships
  • Running Start Books
  • Athletic Fees
  • Associated Student Body Fees
  • Event Fees
  • Pre-College Exams (PSAT/SAT/ACT)
  • College Application Fees
  • All-day Kindergarten Tuition
  • Field trips, Summer Programs and Camps
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

Income Chart – Effective From July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
Family Size Yearly Gross Income Monthly Gross Income Twice Per Month Gross Income Every Two Weeks Gross Income Weekly Gross Income
         1 $21,257 $1,772 $886 $818 $409
         2 $28,694 $2,392 $1,196 $1,104 $552
         3 $36,131 $3,011 $1,506 $1,390 $695
         4 $43,568 $3,631 $1,816 $1,676 $838
         5 $51,005 $4,251 $2,126 $1,962 $981
         6 $58,442 $4,871 $2,436 $2,248 $1,124
         7 $65,879 $5,490 $2,745 $2,534 $1,267
         8 $73,316 $6,110 $3,055 $2,820 $1,410
Each additional household member add: + $7,437 + $620 + $310 + $287 + $144


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MSP and MAP Testing



From April 21 until June 6 the school will be conducting MSP and MAP assessments. MSP tests are fully online this year, so scheduling in the lab was tricky. Mr. Zwiren will be doing technology instruction with the iPads in the homeroom class while the teachers proctor the tests. PLEASE NOTE:  It is very important for your student to be present on the day of their scheduled assessment as there is limited time for make-up tests.  Students should come to school rested, with a good breakfast so they are in the best mindset for the test.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade classes will have opportunities to practice using the online format prior to taking the test.

MSP/MAP Test Schedule 2014 (PDF, 156,997 bytes)

Robert Gallagher and Karmen Nordhougen

Testing Schedule by Room Number

Room 1 (L. Bell)
4/21, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/23, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 2 (Boyll)
4/21, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/23, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 8 (Fletcher)
5/01, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/07, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 9 (Jordan)
5/02, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/08, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 10 (Beal)
5/05, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/09, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 12 (Diaz)
5/06, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/12, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 13 (E. Bell)
5/21, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/29, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 9:45am-12:00pm
6/04, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 14 (Baleto-Ferguson)
5/20, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/22, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/29, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 15 (Rollins)
5/14, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/28, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 12:15pm-1:45pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 12:15pm-1:45pm

Room 16 (Rowlett)
4/25, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/29, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 17 (Baer-Hailey)
5/16, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/23, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 1:45-3:30pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 1:45-3:30pm

Room 18 (Miller)
4/25, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/29, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 19 (Ybarra)
4/28, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/30, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 20 (Schwab)
4/28, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/30, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 21 (Schroeder)
4/28, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/02, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/08, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/13, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/19, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 22 (Wieland)
5/09, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/15, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/23, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 23 (Ferris)
5/12, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/27, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/28, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 12:15-1:45pm

Room 24 (McBeth)
5/13, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/19, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/27, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 1:45-3:30pm

Room 25 (Benson)
4/22, MAP Reading 10:00-11:30am
4/24, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 26 (Takahashi)
4/22, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/24, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:30pm

Portable 31 (Ngobi)
4/24, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
4/30, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/06, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/14, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/20, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Portable 32 (Adams)
4/25, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/01, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/07, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/15, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/21, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Portable 33 (Hodges)
4/23, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
4/29, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/05, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/16, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/22, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

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Register for the West Seattle Cup


June 14th-15th, 2014
Walt Hundley Playfield, High Point, West Seattle

The “West Seattle Cup” is a free soccer tournament and community-building event for elementary-age children and parents. The “West Seattle Cup” aims to engage and build community by creating opportunities to play, teach, learn, and connect across generational and cultural differences.

Participation is free. Register online or use the printable version of the form and return it to the West Seattle YMCA or the Neighborhood House High Point Center. Captain registrations are due April 11th, player registrations are due April 22nd.

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Spring Concert


Greetings, Lafayette parents and students! It’s springtime, and that means the Lafayette Instrumental Music students will be presenting their annual Spring Concert in the West Seattle High School Theater on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. This concert will feature all of the 4th/5th grade Lafayette Elementary Instrumental Music students including the Combined Band, Advanced Band, Beginning Strings, Advanced Strings, as well as some small ensembles. The students really sound great, and have been working diligently on learning their music, so come out and support our fabulous music students!

Mr. Seeberger, Lafayette Instrumental Music Teacher

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Upcoming Dates