Free Breakfast and Lunch for Students


Your family might qualify for FREE all day kindergarten, FREE meals, FREE health insurance and more. Apply for Seattle Public School’s “Free and Reduced Price Lunch” if:

  • Your household income is SAME or LESS than the amount on the Income Chart (see below).
  • You receive Basic Food.
  • You take part in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • You receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • You are applying for a Foster Child

If your family qualifies for Seattle Public School’s meal program you may also be eligible for additional services that are free or are at a discounted price. These additional services include:

  • Advanced Placement Tests
  • College Bound Scholarships
  • Running Start Books
  • Athletic Fees
  • Associated Student Body Fees
  • Event Fees
  • Pre-College Exams (PSAT/SAT/ACT)
  • College Application Fees
  • All-day Kindergarten Tuition
  • Field trips, Summer Programs and Camps
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

Income Chart – Effective From July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
Family Size Yearly Gross Income Monthly Gross Income Twice Per Month Gross Income Every Two Weeks Gross Income Weekly Gross Income
         1 $21,257 $1,772 $886 $818 $409
         2 $28,694 $2,392 $1,196 $1,104 $552
         3 $36,131 $3,011 $1,506 $1,390 $695
         4 $43,568 $3,631 $1,816 $1,676 $838
         5 $51,005 $4,251 $2,126 $1,962 $981
         6 $58,442 $4,871 $2,436 $2,248 $1,124
         7 $65,879 $5,490 $2,745 $2,534 $1,267
         8 $73,316 $6,110 $3,055 $2,820 $1,410
Each additional household member add: + $7,437 + $620 + $310 + $287 + $144


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MSP and MAP Testing



From April 21 until June 6 the school will be conducting MSP and MAP assessments. MSP tests are fully online this year, so scheduling in the lab was tricky. Mr. Zwiren will be doing technology instruction with the iPads in the homeroom class while the teachers proctor the tests. PLEASE NOTE:  It is very important for your student to be present on the day of their scheduled assessment as there is limited time for make-up tests.  Students should come to school rested, with a good breakfast so they are in the best mindset for the test.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade classes will have opportunities to practice using the online format prior to taking the test.

MSP/MAP Test Schedule 2014 (PDF, 156,997 bytes)

Robert Gallagher and Karmen Nordhougen

Testing Schedule by Room Number

Room 1 (L. Bell)
4/21, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/23, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 2 (Boyll)
4/21, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/23, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 8 (Fletcher)
5/01, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/07, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 9 (Jordan)
5/02, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/08, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 10 (Beal)
5/05, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/09, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 12 (Diaz)
5/06, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/12, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 13 (E. Bell)
5/21, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/29, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 9:45am-12:00pm
6/04, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 14 (Baleto-Ferguson)
5/20, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/22, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/29, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 15 (Rollins)
5/14, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/28, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 12:15pm-1:45pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 12:15pm-1:45pm

Room 16 (Rowlett)
4/25, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/29, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 17 (Baer-Hailey)
5/16, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/23, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
6/02, MAP Reading 1:45-3:30pm
6/03, MAP Mathematics 1:45-3:30pm

Room 18 (Miller)
4/25, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/29, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 19 (Ybarra)
4/28, MAP Reading 1:00-2:15pm
4/30, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 20 (Schwab)
4/28, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/30, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:20pm

Room 21 (Schroeder)
4/28, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/02, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/08, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/13, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/19, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Room 22 (Wieland)
5/09, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/15, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/23, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 9:45am-12:00pm

Room 23 (Ferris)
5/12, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/27, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/28, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 12:15-1:45pm

Room 24 (McBeth)
5/13, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/19, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/27, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/30, MAP Mathematics 1:45-3:30pm

Room 25 (Benson)
4/22, MAP Reading 10:00-11:30am
4/24, MAP Mathematics 1:00-2:15pm

Room 26 (Takahashi)
4/22, MAP Reading 2:15-3:20pm
4/24, MAP Mathematics 2:15-3:30pm

Portable 31 (Ngobi)
4/24, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
4/30, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/06, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/14, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/20, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Portable 32 (Adams)
4/25, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
5/01, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/07, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/15, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/21, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

Portable 33 (Hodges)
4/23, MSP Reading 9:45am-1:00pm
4/29, MSP Mathematics 9:45am-1:00pm
5/05, MSP Science 9:45am-1:00pm
5/16, MAP Reading 1:15-3:20pm
5/22, MAP Mathematics 1:15-3:20pm

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Register for the West Seattle Cup


June 14th-15th, 2014
Walt Hundley Playfield, High Point, West Seattle

The “West Seattle Cup” is a free soccer tournament and community-building event for elementary-age children and parents. The “West Seattle Cup” aims to engage and build community by creating opportunities to play, teach, learn, and connect across generational and cultural differences.

Participation is free. Register online or use the printable version of the form and return it to the West Seattle YMCA or the Neighborhood House High Point Center. Captain registrations are due April 11th, player registrations are due April 22nd.

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Spring Concert


Greetings, Lafayette parents and students! It’s springtime, and that means the Lafayette Instrumental Music students will be presenting their annual Spring Concert in the West Seattle High School Theater on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. This concert will feature all of the 4th/5th grade Lafayette Elementary Instrumental Music students including the Combined Band, Advanced Band, Beginning Strings, Advanced Strings, as well as some small ensembles. The students really sound great, and have been working diligently on learning their music, so come out and support our fabulous music students!

Mr. Seeberger, Lafayette Instrumental Music Teacher

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Chairpersons and Volunteers Needed!


Chairpersons and volunteers are needed for “Teacher Appreciation Week” (May 5th-9th) and for the “Spring Fling” (May 16th). The Spring Fling is in real danger of cancellation if there isn’t a chairperson or planning committee. Chairing is a great way to ‘give’ to Lafayette and the community. Or, get your best friend or neighbor to co-chair with you!

If you are interested in chairing or volunteering, please contact Kathy Wimer as soon as possible.

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Spring Enrichment Payments Due!


If you registered your student for Spring Enrichment online but opted to pay by check or cash please drop your payments off at the “PTA Command Center” in the school’s office.

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Healthy Kids Day Superhero Spectacular

Saturday, April 26
10:00am – 1:00pm

Put on your cape and fly over to the West Seattle Y to refine your super powers at Healthy Kids Day. Throw kryptonite at the dunk tank, use your super powers to navigate the Obstacle Course and be sure to record the moment forever at the photo booth. You will also make your own cape, meet real life heroes and fuel your inner superhero with healthy snacks. This event has activities for the whole family so travel faster than a speeding bullet down to see the Y transformed into superhero headquarters. First 100 Kids will win a free t-shirt!

As a part of the day’s events, there will be a performance by the Lafayette Popcorns at 11:30am. Everyone is welcome to come watch and support the Popcorns.

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Order Your 2013-2014 Yearbook Today

The Lafayette Elementary School 2013-2014 Yearbook is now on sale until April 18th, 2014. Purchase yours online or if you prefer paper, please download and print the yearbook flyer and return it with your payment to the “PTA Command Center” in the school office. A limited number of yearbooks will be ordered. Don’t miss out. Order early!

If you have pictures of your students that you would like to have included in the grade level collages, please send them to Emily Swanson, Yearbook Chair or to the following individuals in your grade band:

Please send in your photos as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!

Here is a photo album of the different covers that our wonderful student artists submitted for this year’s cover contest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Oso Mudslide Recovery Efforts


The Lafayette Student Council is sponsoring a coin drive for the American Red Cross to help the recovery efforts for the Oso Mudslide. The drive will run from March 31st through April 10th. There will be a collection container in each classroom, and the students are encouraged to bring in whatever they can to help in this enormous disaster. Thank you for your support.

This community service project replaces the May “Leopard Adoption” drive.

All proceeds and/or collections, net of expenses, will be held in trust by Seattle Public Schools until disbursed to the American Red Cross, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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Enrichment Updates

March 31st is the last day of the Winter Enrichment Session. The Spring Enrichment Session starts on April 1st. Confirmation emails for the Spring Session will be sent out at the end of this week.

Due to the popularity of Monday’s iPad Lego Animation, a Wednesday afternoon class is now being offered! Contact Rachel Hagenson for more information.

iPad Lego® Animation: SuperHeroes (2nd- 5th)
Wednesday Afternoons 3:45-5:15
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its…Bionic Sweeper Guy? Create your own wacko superheroes to help save the day! Students will use iPads (provided by C.A.N.) to take animation photos, edit video/sound, and create unique music scores based on the class theme. Set, character and story construction will be taught while integrating subjects like math/science and visual/language arts. View the class commercial and over 2,000 student animations at (4 cans). (LEGO® is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse, the services or products of the Clay Animation Network). Class limit 30.
C.A.N Instructor John Anderson
Room 9

Register now!

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